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My Background

Find your balance through relaxing and therapeutic massages.
Finding your balance doesn’t come in a “one-size-fits-all” solution, and neither should your massage treatments.

Tosha provides standard massages, including Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, sports, and trigger point. She is passionate about post-operative massage( plastic surgery and orthopedic), Chronic pain education, manual lymph drainage and body contouring.

Tosha believes listening to her client and providing touch are part of healing. Tosha loves to educate her clients on why they hurt, and she believes that healing can begin once one knows why they hurt. She provides a safe and relaxing atmosphere for all her clients making it a unique experience.

Tosha has expanded her massage services for the senior population. She travels to the home of those who can no longer travel.


My Approach

EVERYONE can and should benefit from massage therapy! Whether you are someone who does physical labor all day long, someone who works at an office and is required to sit for long periods, or a parent who wants to de-stress, minimize headaches or address chronic medical conditions.

We use our advanced training and intuition to provide a more therapeutic and meaningful massage experience. By combining and blending techniques, We can maximize your massage; from deep tissue and myofascial release, we can create a massage that is unique to you and YOUR needs.



Lake Land College

Physical Therapist Assistant AAS

University Spa and Massage Therapy

10+ Years of Massage Therapy


Manual Lymph Drainage Vodder Method
FMT Certified Movement Specialist
FMT Certified Advanced Kinesio Taping Specialist
Graston Technique


Plastic surgery
Chronic Pain

Together, we can get you back to being balanced.

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